Reach Your Potential!

Not quite getting there? Feeling the bumpiness of the road?

…Get some fresh personal perspective, professional support, and learn new tools of exploration and skill!

…Doctoral-level support with specialized neuropsychological knowledge

…Assistance with the giftedness and creativity underlying performance

…Research and evidence-based interventions & outcome measures

…Physiological and psychological change-based methods of approach.

…We specialize in working with highly intelligent, creative, and talented individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies. Those that tend to stand apart from the rest!

…We also specialize in working with twice-exceptional individuals (2e) as well. That is, those with both extraordinary intelligence, creativity, and/or talent-based abilities who may also experience a weakness in another area (such as inattention, learning difficulties, Asperger Differences etc.).

…Services are available for Young Adults, Midlife Adults, & Mature Adults; Also: Adolescents; Children; Couples; Families; Groups and Organizations

Counseling, Psychotherapy, Assessment, Consultation, Recommendations, Rehabilitation, Referrals, Seminars & Presentations, Research Assistance, Corporate Guidance

…Areas of Specialization:

Existential Concerns, Anxiety, Depression, Loneliness, Grief, Trauma, Bullying, Procrastination, Learning & Development Issues, Aging, Work Dynamics, Relationship Difficulties, Multipotentiality, Imposter Syndrome, Introversion/Extroversion, Performance Plateaus, and Personality Factors


Intellectual Differences, Goal Attainment, Creative Expression, Self-Acceptance, Academic Aspirations, Relationship Definition, Performance Strategy, Life Skills, Career Objectives, Social Coaching, Learning Quotient, Memory Facility, Time-Management, Personality Dynamics, Self-Compassion, Homeschooling, Alternative Learning, Corporate Profiling

…Special Techniques, Models, & Elements of Our Holistic Approach:

Humor, Musical, Artistic, Written Expression, Scientific, Physical, Cognitive-Behavioral, Interpersonal, EMDR, Solution-Focused, BioPsychoSocial, Neuropsychological


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